Mel Gibson Type Church In Trouble

This information appeared on the front page of the YORK DAILY RECORD on Saturday, November 6, 2004. The writer was Mike Hoover. 122 south george street, york,pa 17405-7122 1-800-682-1334 717-771-2000 fax 717-771-2009 archived stories available.

HEADLINE: CITY LANDMARK , CHURCH'S BURDEN. The article with front page photo states that """""ST PETER AND PAUL ROMAN CATHOLIC MISSION, 129 south beaver street, york,pa 17403""""" (Our Mel Gibson type of Catholicism church) is NOT allowed to remove to old cupolas due to 'historical preservation' and they have to pay $30,000 to repair them which the new, small congregation can not afford! It lists a DR. DAVID DREW as a director of the church. The reporter who wrote the article can be reached at: MIKE HOOVER, 717-771-2088 or (( Maybe people can send donations to the church address))

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